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Easy on-demand workspace next to your home

You are an employee or freelancer?

Work close to home in our network of workplaces

Shared offices, coworking spaces, hotels, restaurants, libraries, public buildings… Working at proximity of everyone’s home location is an opportunity made possible for any worker, wherever they live, and whichever quality standard they look for.

You are a company?

Provide your employees with local  workspace alternatives on-demand

Hybrid working is not a choice between long commutes to the head office or working from one’s kitchen at home. Nearworking gives employers the opportunity to provide their employees with a third alternative : on-demand access to workplaces close to home.

You are a company?

Manage your workspace policy easily

The Nearworking system is flexible and transparent. It allows your company to allocate credits to individual employees according to categories, function, level of autonomy or any other parameter your organization will assess relevant. Nearworking is an additional tool supporting your HR policy and benefit plans, making your operation more agile.

You have under-used space?

Make extra money with your business 

Do you operate a hospitality business with availabilities outside peak hours? You run a coworking space with hot desking and meeting room booking capacities ? You have a modern facility you can transform into a proper workspace environment for the local workforce? Nearworking allows you to monetize it with no extra effort.