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How to enable your team with Nearworking

Need flexible workspace? Here is how to get started with Nearworking.

1. Set up your account

Setting up your account only takes a couple of minutes. Once you are done, you can start inviting your team members.


2. Create groups and assign quotas

Not everyone in your team has the same needs. Thats why you can create different groups of employees, like the sales team that needs to travel a lot and needs flexible workspace on the road, or the marketing team that can boost its productivity by meeting 2 x a week in a Nearworking meeting room.


3. Buy the credit bundle that fits your needs

It doesnt matter if you are a single freelancer or a company with 100s of  employees. You can choose the right amount of credits for your workspace strategy and culture. You only pay what you use. There is no minimum commitment, hidden fees or running costs associated with using Nearworking


4. Start using Nearworking

Once team members have accepted your invitation to join your companies workspace group, they are good to go and use any Nearworking with 1-click.


5. Monitor the usage 

Every step of the way you have full control over the usage. You can check reports, change limits and adjust policies at any moment.




  • Sign-Up your team(s): Invite coworkers, create groups

  • Manage Access: Set limits, monitor spending, track bookings

  • No Commitment: You only pay what you use